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The choice of the world's leading directors and camera operators for over 20 years, the Nettmann CamRemote is an extremely rugged and highly reliable remotely controlled camera mounting system. It accommodates all currently manufactured motion picture or video cameras (including large formats and 3-D) and can be mounted on any crane, camera car, or dolly in the sitting, hanging position or extended horizontal orientation. The Third Axis "Dutch" cradle is an accessory that can be added to any Cam-Remote for three axis operation. A custom feature of its operation that won't be found on any other three axis system is a roll-level indicator viewed directly in the operator's monitor. The Nettmann Cam-Remote has modular components which can be easily adapted, expanded or contracted allowing for custom applications. All camera functions are conducted through broadcast quality slip-rings for 360 degree continuous pan and tilt movement. This unit has user accessible spare slip-rings for additional custom functions and accessories. The Nettmann Cam-Remote and all its features are fully controllable via our Data Link, which can allow the head and control desk to be miles apart. Our Data Link fully integrates with any microwave, laser, RF, IR, or other communication relay systems on the market.

  • 24v, 17 MAH Battery packs
  • 9" Sony Monitors
  • Dutch (roll axis) Head
  • Matthews Focus System for Focus & Iris
  • MC88 Arm and Base
  • Reinforced Leveling Head
  • RF Data Link
  • Serial Link
  • Video Desk



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