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The industry standard telescopic camera crane for film and television is now available in a 15- foot version with unprecedented choices in remote head selection. This unparalleled flexibility is due to the manufacturer certified 200lb payload, an increase of 120lbs! This will enable the Cinematographer and Videographer to choose the correct head and camera accessories for the shot. We offer the Standard Technocrane Z Head (2 or 3 axis) featuring the normal Technocrane operating desk in addition we offer the innovative Technocrane PanBar operating control plus any of our other fine heads including the world famous Nettmann Stab-C (5-axis, gyro-stabilized head), the 2 axis analog stabilized SAS C-Mote, the unique Kenworthy/Nettmann Snorkel, the Pan-Bar capable Nettmann/Matthews MiniMote and the Academy Award winning Nettmann/Matthews CamRemote (2 or 3 axis). The innovative T-15 disassembles in minutes and the arm (main beam) can be easily lifted by 4 Grips. Unlike it’s larger siblings the T-15 arm features a yolk that terminates in a Mitchell Mount making it easily mounted on a variety of dollies, bases and camera car mounts. The 15 foot reach makes this crane perfect for camera car work as well as work in a variety of cramped and inaccessible places. The arm retracts to 3’4” from the center post and telescopes to 13’7” reaching a lens height of 15 feet. When collapsed the arm is only 8’10” long making it capable of fitting on most elevators. The base has been designed to enable the crane to roll through doorways. ACE also offers the Fisher 10 dolly with center mount as an optional base for the Techno 15.

  • 24v, 17 MAH Battery packs
  • 2x Speed Box
  • 3rd Axis For Z Head
  • 4 Station wireless “Full Duplex” Hands Free Intercom
  • 9” & 13” Monitors
  • Stab-C
  • Stab-C Compact
  • Miniature fiber optic serial digital video transmission modules (Rattlers™)
  • Motion Capture
  • Preston FI+Z
  • Tac2 and Tac4™ fiber cable
  • Tracking Wheels/Track



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