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The MINI-C is a 5-axis stabilizing camera system which eliminates adverse motion artifacts from pan, tilt and roll. This completely silent system allows a range of cameras, from Hi-DEF video to Arriflex film cameras. It can be used on any type or size of camera crane, camera car, cable support, and construction-style telescopic crane producing stable images throughout a typical 25-250mm (film lens) zoom range. This ultra ruggedized system weighs only 53 lbs and is 1/2 the size of its big brothers GYRON FS / STAB-C, yet still offers the same amazing stabilization qualities, and like them can point straight down. It is fully operational in the sitting or hanging mode and features adjustable side brackets to accommodate many size payloads. The MINI-C and all its features are fully controllable via our Advanced Data Link, which can allow the head and control desk to be miles apart. Our Advanced Data Link fully integrates with any microwave, laser, RF, IR, or other communication relay systems on the market. The utmost in creativity can be attained with the MINI-C because the roll axis is fully controllable / maneuverable, yet stabilized. It also features Dutch / Tilt corrected steering for operator ease and perfect shots. This system has proven itself in -30° F weather in the frozen tundra of Northern Canada, as well as in 120° F temperatures in the sand dunes of Namibia. It has been fully drenched with water, frozen solid with snow and ice, and has traveled 0-60 MPH in 2 seconds on custom tracking rigs. In each of these extreme cases the MINI-C system has worked perfectly, surpassing expectations every time. For more information on Gyro stabilization and comparisons, please visit

  • 24v, 17 MAH Battery packs
  • 4 Station wireless “Full Duplex” Hands Free Intercom
  • 9” & 13” Monitors
  • Clamshell
  • Preston FI+Z



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