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CamRemote SAS

The CamRemote SAS is the venerable, Academy Award winning, original Nettmann CamRemote that has been updated with built-in sensors that provide analog stabilization for the pan and tilt axis. This simple analog stabilization is very effective in removing low frequency "bumps" from the shot. The CamRemote SAS remote head is easy to set up and is competitively priced. This makes the Nettmann built CamRemote SAS ideal for Crane work. The pan and tilt sensors not only to stabilize the pan and tilt axis to remove crane arm bumps but they allow the operator the ability to do automatic back pans when executing sweeping crane shots. Like the original CamRemote the SAS has a choice of operating controls including a wheels block and a joystick controller. The CamRemote SAS will accept all first line film and video production cameras.

  • 24v, 17 MAH Battery packs
  • 4 Station wireless “Full Duplex” Hands Free Intercom
  • 9" Sony Monitors
  • Matthews Focus System for Focus and Iris
  • Reinforced Leveling Head
  • RF Data Link
  • Serial Link
  • Video Desk


Datasheets coming soon!

Videos coming soon!

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