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The MicroPlus is a small remote head for use with CCD optical blocks or small Hi-Def cameras and their zoom lenses. This head has exactly the same feel as the Nettmann Mini-Mote but is less than one third the size. The motor control electronics and Serial Data Receiver are built into the base of this small unit. The pan axis is 360 degrees continuous and the tilt is zero to 270 degrees. The modular unit can be seperated apart and expanded with the expander kit. This gives the MicroMote+ remote head the ability to handle large payloads. The head can be controlled via a control data link using co-ax or an RF carrier. The control desk shown below is designed to independently control four of these heads. A single channel desk will soon be available.

  • 24v, 17 MAH Battery packs
  • RF Data Link



Videos coming soon!

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