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TrackRunner is the award winning high speed tracking system for the Broadcast and Film industries that is able to move any remote head/camera combination, including the larger gyro-stabilized remote heads, up to a combined weight (camera plus head) of 200 lbs. at relatively high speeds with a cable management system that is unique in the industry today. This system has been tested with the energy chain cable management system at speeds of 45MPH with a 175lb payload and is capable of reaching speeds of 60MPH (RF only) with a new lightweight fiberglass sled that is currently under development. Placed at the performance level along the floor, TrackRunner’s small footprint and unique cable management provide the Director with the ultimate in tracking shots. The Sleds (dolly’s) are “captured” on the track and a cleverly captured “energy chain” cable management system is contained within the track section. The energy chain rides on a special Teflon like surface keeping the noise generated by the system to a very acceptable level making it ideal for both sports and entertainment venues. There will be a variety of sleds that can be ordered with the system. Sleds are being constructed that will serve a variety of functions including a Lightweight Sled for high-speed operation and a Sled with a boom function that will raise the camera to a lens height of 10feet. The Multi-purpose sled comes standard with the TrackRunner. The precision track comes in 2meter (6.6’) or 3meter sections and can be ordered in Silver/Grey for outside use (1200 Feet available) or Black (150 Feet available) for entertainment uses. The Sled (dolly) is controlled remotely by a computerized joystick or operator foot pedal that can be operated at a distance of 3000’ from the track set-up. The computerized handset can be programmed by the Technician to store start and end marks as well as ramps and speed gates. Redundant emergency stop buttons and a special air brake system for the sled are provided for safe high-speed operation.

  • 1200 ft - Silver HS Track
  • 150 ft - Black ENT Track
  • 24v, 17 MAH Battery packs
  • Stab-C Compact
  • Mini-C
  • SuperTower 6
  • Liftarm Dolly
  • Miniature fiber optic serial digital video transmission modules (Rattlers™)
  • Preston FI+Z
  • RF Data Link
  • Tac2 and Tac4™ fiber cable



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