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MicroMote HD Package

Atlantic Cine Equipment has combined our smallest robotic head, designed by Academy Award winning designer Bob Nettmann, with an ice cube sized multi-format SD/HD camera, a custom designed touch screen camera control system, and an operators control desk designed for on-air moves into a new low profile robotics package we call the ACE MicroMote HD System. This exclusive ACE system incorporates the new Iconix HD-RH1, 3-CCD, 1080i/1080sF/1080p/720p HD camera, an operator’s control desk that can control up to 4 heads simultaneously. The head is small enough to hold in your hand yet offers precise control over camera movement with the ability to achieve controlled panning speeds of 180º/<1 Sec on the fast end to 180º/10 Sec on the slow end. Each unit comes standard with a Fuji 14:1 (5.5mm-77mm) Zoom Lens that provides the operator a zoom lens with a focal length that is perfect for most situations. A convenient 5/8'' receiver allows easy, fast mounting in the upright or under-slung position on any standard 5/8'' spud. A wide assortment of mounting hardware is supplied with each rental that enables the Tech to easily rig the 6 pound package almost anywhere. A fiber interface for returning the HD/SDI picture is provided as an accessory and includes miniature fiber optic serial digital video transmission modules (Rattlers™) that offer the industry's broadest range of digital rates and Tac-Series™ 2 and 4 fiber cable.

  • Fuji 14 : 1(5.5mm : 77mm) Zoom Lens
  • Pime Lenses (2.8mm, 4mm, 15mm)



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