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SuperTower 17H

The new SuperTower17H is unique to the industry with the ability to be hung upside down, or sit upright. The small footprint (20"X20") and narrow profile of the SuperTower 17H makes it a very versatile tool for a variety of uses. The columns computer allows for operator defined soft stops at both the top and bottom ends of the move, preventing "crashing" the enders. This equipment is ideally suited for sports as well as for coverage of concerts and news events. The SuperTower 17H is remotely controlled and has an extremely smooth telescopic movement with a range with a lens height of from 6' to 17' and a variable speed range of from 0 to 6' per/sec. The SuperTower 17H will accept the full range of ACE remote heads for both film and video and has a payload of 175lbs.




Videos coming soon!

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