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LiftArm Dolly

LiftArm is an innovative new accessory for the award winning ACE TrackRunner ENT. This system was designed to handle high payloads and will easily accommodate the ACE inventory of gyro-stabilized heads including the Mini-C and Stab-C Compact EX by Nettmann. This accessory can operate on both curve and straight track and can provide the director with the ultimate flexibility in camera movement. LiftArm has a move of more than 3 feet with a speed of more than 1 FPS. This unique ACE TrackRunner accessory has a starting lens height of 39" for the Mini-C and 43.5" for the Stab C Compact EX. LiftArm tops out in the raised position with a lens height of 77.5 when using the Mini C and 82 when using the Stab C Compact family of heads.




Videos coming soon!

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